Church of Christ Hagerstown
Our 90-360 Youth Ministry offers middle school and high school students a time to connect to God and connect to each other, in the spirit of the great commandment. Our purpose is to impact the lives of students inside and outside the church, so that through Christ they can have changed lives and change others' lives in return. 90-360 means looking up and looking around us to find that our place in the world is between the God who pursues us and the people he loves.

90 - Sunday Morning
"90," our Sunday morning group, meets at 9:00 before the worship service, and is focused on connecting to God. We take a look at the Bible and how we can bring its teaching into our lives. No matter where we are in life, whatever direction we are headed, God is always 90 degrees straight up.

360 - Wednesdays
"360," our midweek group, approaches our relationship with God from another angle. Every Wednesday from 7:00-8:15, we get together to hang out with music and games, and talk about everyday life. Connecting with people who are around us every day (the theme of "360 degrees"), we bring our lives to God's word, while our 90 group brings the Word to our lives.

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