Church of Christ Hagerstown
What to Expect
At Church of Christ at Hagerstown (CCH) you can expect to be yourself (even if you are not perfect). This is reflected in our unofficial dress code: “Come as you are.” If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, be that here. If you are in your element when you are dressed to the 9’s then dress up. Most people feel very comfortable wearing jeans, khakis and casual clothes.

Sunday School
Our Sunday mornings begin at 9:00 with Sunday School. Children are divided into classes of Nursery/Preschool, Elementary School or Middle School/High School. Lessons are taught at a level they can understand with appropriate activities to reinforce the lesson. We also have three classes for Adults that study various books of the Bible or topics for spiritual growth.

Our music is a reflection of who we are. Typically our music is a blend of old and new music. Some of it was written before any of us were born and some is from the 21st century.

Our worship time includes a weekly reflection time called communion. In this time we reflect on Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. We do this by eating a special bread, Jesus called Himself the bread of life and drink from a cup, Jesus described His death as a cup. Communion is not for CCH members alone, but for anyone who is a follower of Jesus.

Part of the life of a disciple is the privilege of sharing. We do this in our offering time; a collection plate is passed around and people share as God has blessed them. We do not pressure anyone to give. We ask for folks to give if they love the act of giving.

The greatest book in all of history is the Bible. Every week we take time to look into the Bible in depth and find application for our lives. At the end of the sermon we offer an opportunity to accept Jesus as Savior, become a member of CCH or request prayer.

Childcare is available for children ages birth through pre-kindergarten in a loving, clean and safe environment. Toddlers and preschoolers will also enjoy a safe and active environment with caring Adults who will show them God’s love. Elementary children are dismissed right before the sermon for age-appropriate lessons and activities in Kingdom Kids. If you are more comfortable keeping your children with you during the service, please feel free to do so.

Church of Christ at Hagerstown - What to Expect

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