Church of Christ Hagerstown
What Kind of Church Are We
Church of Christ at Hagerstown (CCH) is a non-denominational church. Local Elders are installed by the congregation to independently govern us. CCH does not belong to any denominational boards, hierarchies, or voting associations. We do, however, develop relationships with other Christian Churches of a similar faith and heritage for support and encouragement.

We belong to a fellowship of churches known as the Restoration Movement that began in the early 1800’s during a period of radical denominationalism on the American frontier. The Restoration Movement’s goal is, “A restoration to Biblical authority that will lead to an expressed Christian unity and result in world evangelism.”

Certain practices are unique churches of the Restoration Movement: baptism of believers by immersion (in contrast to infant baptism by sprinkling), weekly communion and identifying themselves as Christians (rather than denominational names). We believe that we are “not the only Christians, but Christians only”. We believe that "Where the Scriptures speak, we speak; where the Scriptures are silent, we are silent. We believe that the Bible is our sole authority. We use the Bible alone for guidance in matters of doctrine, structure, and practice. Many Christian churches have as a slogan, "No book but the Bible, no creed but Christ."

What Kind of Church Are We

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